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Action Over Excuses

“Nike asked me to make a movie about what it means to #makeitcount. Instead of making their movie I spent their entire budget traveling the world with my friend Max. We’d keep going until the money ran out. It took 10 days.” – Casey Neistat

Too often people find themselves being bogged down in a grind doing the same thing day in and day out, using time, money, and other excuses as the reason why they are not doing the thing or things they have always wanted to do. Why let these things get in the way? Casey got to see the world for free because he created an opportunity for himself, acted on it, and lived one of the most amazing experiences most of us only talk about doing. No, not everyone has film production skills with clients like Nike who want to give him or her a budget for a commercial that ends up being spent on gnarly wieners and touring airports on over half of the world’s continents; but, at one point, neither did Casey.

If this guy can accomplish all of this in 10 days, think about what can be accomplished in a lifetime.

Life is short. Make it count.

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