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Solar Roadways: Smart Concepts for Fixing the Carbon Problem

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Solar Freakin’ Roadways

Let’s face it – carbon emissions are a serious problem negatively affecting the environment far beyond excessive sweating on a summer’s day. The environmental, economical, and societal impact carbon emissions is having on the world is something most people are just now starting to realize. The scary part is if action is not taken promptly, the generation of our kids and our kids’ kids will be left struggling with a way of life no one has ever experienced.

Let’s be realistic – there is no way we will stop driving cars, cease manufacturing, and completely change our way of life. Those sorts of changes on a global level will only result in the populations’ resistance with concerns about things like where they will work if their plant is shut down or how they will afford to buy an electric car. I mean, you will never hear me say, “I cannot wait to drive a Prius!” Many are under the impression that reducing carbon emissions would require changes like these. This is not true.

The ability to maintain our current way of life while protecting the future of our families is attainable, but how? One element is the development of technology, like Solar Roadways, that transform traditional infrastructure into a multifunctional, working infrastructure. Why will this concept work? Why is the smartphone so popular? Rather than carrying around a phone to call people, a computer to send email, and a camera to take pictures, the smartphone is the solution that combines the function of all of these tools into one compact device. Solar Roadways apply this same principal to infrastructure. Just like smartphones combine the phone, camera, and email into one device, Solar Roadways combine roads, electricity production, and reduction of carbon emissions into one device. Is this the perfect design ready to take on the traffic on “The 5” in California? No. Was Ben Franklin’s idea to fly a kite with a key on it in the middle of a storm the best way to test the effects of lightning? Probably not. Solar Roadways may not be a perfectly designed invention just yet; but given the global environmental problem we have created, supporting the development of concepts like these makes too much sense.



If you have factual evidence that outweighs the data presented by the experts dedicated to recording and analyzing the information found in the reports below, I welcome and highly encourage you to respond below. Spending time and money to fix something that is not broken would be pretty senseless, right?

Download the 841-page National Climate Assessment here: NATIONAL CLIMATE ASSESSMENT: FULL REPORT

For a summarized version, please click here: NATIONAL CLIMATE ASSESSMENT: OVERVIEW

If you are just looking for more information, please click here: CLIMATE CHANGE INFO

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